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When Burna Boys added insult to our injury

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Damini Ebunoluwa Ogulu MFR (well known as Burna Boy) took the word right out of my stinking mouth. Yes, finally somebody had to say it, look us in the korokoro eyes and tell us the damn truth. To deal with Nigerians and relate with them as the Landlord, I often time wanted to say what Burna Boy said: “GOD punish una”! Yes ooo.

We are the most educated people on the face of the earth. Go to the best universities in the world and a Nigerian is amongst the best students; if not the best. We are that intelligent. But the irony is that we are ignorant people; sincerely ignorant. Which is pathetic. We hate to be educated. We hate it when someone like an igbo smoker that lives in Diaspora tells us to go to hell. To deal with Nigerians you really need igbo and shayo, apologies to Burna Boy. I read comments on my page and I want to bang my big head on the wall. Intelligent people writing this balderdash. Jesus wept!!!

Let me take you back in time. We had the best music in the world, apart from the best airline. We had legends like Eddie Grant coming to Nigeria to record their albums. Jimmy Cliff came by and was arrested for violating our law. He sang a song about it. Third World came to have a show in Nigeria. They had such a wonderful time. They too made a song. The National Theatre saw the best of American musicians and groups coming to perform. It was world class. They never had a problem. Ben Bruce and Silverbird did a tremendous job bringing in the great guys and hosting them.

Fast forward to this age 2023 and things have gone so bad; so horrible that Burna Boy our own international megastar is ashamed of his own motherland. “I cannot do this again”, he said in frustration.

Is Burna Boy an arrogant motherfucker? Hell yes! When you charge $500,000 per show and you are booked till 2024, you will be arrogant and rude too. Besides, show me a Nigerian that is not arrogant and rude when they are wealthy. Even poor Nigerians are rude and arrogant. So that is beside the point. The point is what happened to us.

Why did we go from people that can host Brothers Johnson and Skyy to a country where Zazu Portable cannot perform? The sad part is we do not realise it. We are in a world where we think Lagos is better than Dubai. That is the level of brainwash that you need igbo and shayo to deal with. We have billionaires; billions of them. You telling me no one can invest in entertainment and make lots of money from it? We have bonafide superstars like Burna Boy, Whiz Kid and Davido. Add Kizz Daniel to that honourable list. These young men have performed all over the world. To millions, if I must add.

Burna Boy sold out Madison Square Garden. Ditto Whiz Kid. They are first name stars all over the globe. The least we can do is to put some respect on their name. A prophet is not without honour. They are our ambassadors. They love and want to come home. But we are making it difficult for them by our stupid, ignorant lackadaisical actions.

We can do better that this… Heaven knows we can.

Ajasa is a public affairs commentator who punches his way through using satire. You can follow him on https://web.facebook.com/jaiyeola.ajasa

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