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10 ways to sack your client

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When a dog bites a man, it’s not news. When a man bites a dog, that’s when it’s news. Similarly, it’s not unusual for clients to sack their public relations or advertising agency. But the PR agency sacking the client is not often heard of. But it’s sometimes the way to go.

Let’s first talk about the why before the how.

Why some clients should be fired

Here are some signs that it’s time to tell a business or PR client goodbye for good:

  • They disrespect you and sometimes get insulting
  • They don’t value you
  • Your profit margin is shrinking –and  you make losses on some public relations activities
  • They are never happy – You bend over backward trying to make them happy. You feel like it must be you so you work harder, longer, and smarter – and yet they still aren’t happy
  • Your customer service is suffering or you are over-servicing the client
  • Your value system is conflicted

10 ways to sack your client

10 ways to sack your client

Ending a business or public relations client relationship can be a difficult and sensitive task. Here are 10 ways to sack your client when you need to – and be professional about it:

1. Be clear and specific

Communicate the decision clearly and in a timely manner. Provide the client with an explanation of the reasons for the decision and the expected end date.

2. Be honest

Be honest, respectful, and transparent about the reasons for ending the relationship. Avoid blaming or placing fault on the client.

3. Provide a clear transition plan

Ensure that the client’s needs will continue to be met after the relationship ends by providing a clear transition plan.

4. Don’t dump and go

Offer to help the client find a new solution or service provider if possible.

5. Document the decision

Keep detailed records of the decision and the reasons for it, including any correspondence with the client.

6. Follow up with the client

Follow up with the client after the decision has been made to ensure that their needs are still being met.

7. Respect the client’s feelings

Remember that the client may be upset or disappointed by the decision, so approach the conversation with empathy and understanding.

8. Be professional

Keep in mind that you want to maintain a professional image and avoid any kind of negative review.

Acknowledge the client’s contributions to the relationship and express gratitude for their business.

9. Don’t slam the door

Keep the door open: Leave the door open for future business opportunities, if appropriate.

10. Keep your press mouth shut!

Don’t badmouth the client in the media. Doing so might boost your ego. But it doesn’t show class and character.

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