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Firm to adopt AI solutions to enhance legal practice

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A legal technology company, Law Pavillion, is set to introduce lawful artificial intelligence (AI)-driven solutions to empower legal practitioners with tools that will elevate their practice to new heights.

The Chief Executive Officer of the firm, Law Pavillion; Opeyemi Olugasa told journalists that the solutions, Prime GPT and Primsol GPT harness the power of AI and advanced algorithms to transform legal research and deliver unparalleled services.

Olugasa stated that statistics show that Nigerian judges are overwhelmed with the caseload in court and that it takes about 30 years to prosecute a matter from the high court to the supreme court.

The technology expert also pointed out that a vast number of old criminal cases are still at the magistrate court, with new patients coming in yet to be attended to, which is making it very difficult for the legal industry in Nigeria to perform its critical task.

Olugasa believes Prime GPT and Primsol GPT are game changers in the legal industry; he said it is like having an entire team of researchers at one’s fingertips, so lawyers do not have to lose a case again on a technicality.

Explaining how the products work, he stated that by pasting a case summary into prime GPT or primsol GPT in seconds, the AI scans a fast legal database, extracts crucial insight into the subject matter and jurisdiction, and then provides issue determination.

He also maintained that the AI solutions provide a line of argument with relevant authority based on previously successful cases related to what you are looking for.

Olugasa stated, “Let me lay it to rest; AI will not replace lawyers, and that is the truth. AI is incapable. It is merely a piece of technology. It modifies the game, the platform, and the narratives.

“What we need to do as lawyers is upskill and reskill to harness technology, but it will not replace lawyers. So, the only way to see this through is to reconsider how we interact with technology and employ artificial intelligence to our advantage”, he said.

Olugasa emphasised a caveat that there is always a need for due diligence by legal practitioners, as AI is only meant to enhance their work and not replace it.

He insisted that leveraging AI such as PrimeGPT and PrimsolGPT will give lawyers the needed propeller to launch into the league of the globally sought-after legal practitioners.

Olugasa noted that, “We looked at how we can use this AI to help augment the visible challenges in the legal sector because, as legal practitioners, we have the onus of due diligence going further; we cannot go ahead and use the common AI that everybody uses, and at the same time, the profession cannot afford to stand aloof and be left out of the AI transformation.”

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