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Ikun Dairy Farm reaffirms commitment to boosting milk production in Nigeria

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Barely three years after the incorporation of Ikun Dairy Farm Limited (IDFL) as an integrated agro-allied concern, the once moribund farm, lying on over 500 hectares, was revamped and reactivated through investments in state-of-the-art agricultural equipment and world-class technical know-how. It’s a strategic partnership by Ekiti State Government, through its investment arm – Fountain Holdings Limited – and Promasidor Nigeria Limited (PNL).

The investment has been heralded as a significant development to the dairy sector in Ekiti State, and its environs as it not only serves as a source of local raw materials for milk production in Nigeria, but is on track to prove that commercial dairy farming/ranching can work in Nigeria with government support and the engagement of private companies.

PNL’s decision to invest in IDFL also supports the Federal Government’s policy which encourages companies to source raw materials locally to prevent over-dependence on foreign/ imported goods.

As the company ensures maximum exploitation of the farm’s potential with competent personnel who have been working earnestly to ensure successful operation, the commitment towards making IDF a world-class dairy farm is already coming to fruition. It is no longer news that the tremendous change in the farm is economically manifesting in the environment and the lives of the people in the immediate surroundings.

From left: Ekiti State Commissioner for Finance and Economic Development, Hon. Akintunde Oyebode; Governor Biodun Oyebanji; CEO, Promasidor Nigeria Limited, Mr. Bruno Gruwez; and Chairman of Ikun Dairy Farm Limited, Mr. Andrew Enahoro, paid a recent courtesy visit to Ekiti State Governor, at the Governor’s Office in Ado-Ekiti


The over 200 employees, sourced from the immediate community of the farm, led by an internationally experienced Dairy farmer/General Manager with the support of a farm manager, professional veterinary doctors, and dairy-trained practitioners, work hard to ensure cow comfort through the use of regular vaccinations, proper animal care and feeding, clean and well-ventilated barns with ample supply of fresh water.

Currently, the farm houses over 500 exotic breeds of animals and has commenced the daily production of fresh milk. A feat not expected in this short period and still counting. The milk from the animals from the farm is utilised by the calves and off-taken by PNL as the farm ramps up volumes.

As of today, IDF animals are routinely inseminated with sexed semen which guarantees the birth of a minimum of 90 per cent heifers (females) which is essential not only to milk production but also to ensure the organic growth of the herd.

The farm has also embarked on its own grown feed project as a supplement to all necessary feed required for the animals. Over 400 hectares of Maize crops, Soya beans, and Rhodes Grass have been grown/cultivated and ensiled on the farm in 2023 alone. This ensures feed security for the animals and aids the business case for the farm as bought in feed will accelerate the failure of this initiative.

Already, this is enhancing the agro-allied profile of Ekiti State, and it is contributing to the growth of the state’s economy, and this has created job and employment opportunities for the people of the state.

The company’s investment in equipment and infrastructure on the farm cannot be underestimated. The farmhouses, herd barns, milking parlour, underground water reservoirs, boreholes, etc coupled with the purchase and use of critical equipment and machinery have helped in attaining Promasidor’s backward integration goal.

To ensure a vested success on the farm, the Ekiti State Government and the local community have proved their total support for the project by providing security around the farm and have given its management a free hand to operate and grow its business. The participation of the government’s representatives on the board of IDFL cannot be overemphasized as they help drive the corporate governance of the board.

Ekiti State Government and Promasidor are working hard to drive the success of this initiative and ensure that its goals are met.

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