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Osun PDP House of Commotion

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The unfolding unsavoury development in the Osun State chapter of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) reminds me of an agelong proverbial saying that “the head of a pigeon will not allow a child who vows to make constant meals with such pigeon’s head to grow old”. Discerning readers have the latitude to supply the missing link here!

The latest of such absurd happenings in the Osun State PDP was the reported expulsion of Prince Dotun Babayemi, a legal practitioner who has been a disputed co-governorship candidate with Senator Ademola Adeleke of which the matter is currently in the highest court of record in Nigeria.

The purported expulsion of the Gbongan-born Prince, which he described as a nullity carried out by a bunch of jesters, in a statement issued by his spokesman, Kayode Oladeji in Osogbo, the Osun State capital on Friday, has now become a front-burner topical issue in the political firmament of the state and beyond.

A school of thought wonders when approaching of a court by an entity over a knotty political issue becomes an anti-party activity, as it’s being bandied among the untouchable Osun PDP clowns. Other political pundits have been wondering what could have prompted and necessitated the questionable expulsion of the PDP “co-governorship candidate” in the 16 July 2022 election?

It is pertinent to ruminate and ponder over Babayemi’s sudden expulsion when the PDP leaders, their members and supporters have repeatedly disclosed that there was nothing to worry about on his case.

Another plausible question worthy of asking is whether the said expulsion has any negative or positive influence on the matter that has been with the highest court of the land since Babayemi was a bonafide member of the PDP when the matter accrued. Any attempt to answer this question may be construed for deliberate willingness to be prejudicial in a matter before the court.

A wiseman however, who has seen it all on an account of age, experience, wisdom and verifiable qualitative and functional education submitted tersely that the unfolding episode in the Babayemi-Adeleke debacle which snowballed into a disputable expulsion could only be likened to a child who swiftly throws away a knife after he has sustained a very deep cut caused by the sharp object.

The wise man hinted that Babayemi’s explusion by this time in the political life of the state is suggestive of the suspicion, or better still, a fact that the Osun PDP is peopled by incapable elders and leaders who are worthy to be classified as those thinking with their anuses!

One of the duties that the All Progressive Congress owes its Osun State counterpart is to engage the reactionary party, pro bono, needed required pupillage to function effectively in their oppositional role, which it has been occupying for 12 years running.

Babayemi’s said controversial suspension by the bunch of some PDP jesters successfully challenges the adequate knowledge of those in charge of illegally running the affairs of the party as I write as the authentic executive members of the Osun PDP from the ward to the state level is still a subject of litigation.

The question is, which PDP executive has the legal right and authority to suspend another member? Is it that of Babayemi or the Adeleke’s? The unsavoury development in the Osun PDP is a season film that cannot be watched in a hurry. The best alternative is for one to keep his fingers crossed.

The Babayemi controversial expulsion saga sounds ludicrous if one recalls that the Osun PDP does not even have an executive council at the moment as against the claims of the jesters. What is in place is the caretaker committee, which is not known to the party’s constitution and again lacks the powers to either suspend or expel any member.

It is equally worthwhile to note that the actions of the jesters as contained in this issue is grossly preemptive of what terrible fate awaits them at the apex court; whereas they keep deceiving their gullible followers that all is well.

The action of the Pathfinder faction of the PDP in this case is a good warning to the good people of Osun State on the high level of intolerance to expect just in case they get to government. Vendetta will be their priority.

Olabisi is the Media Adviser to the Osun State APC Chairman

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