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The Peter Obi phenomenon

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Peter Obi’s fame has grown like a bush fire in the harmattan. But have you heard the underlying problems about him? He is a politician that lies. He exaggerates the truth.

If you hold your child up in admiration of him, Obi will kiss that child to make himself look good and to secure your vote.

He was seen in Jankara market soliciting for Yoruba votes. If care is not taken, Obi will go to Taraba State and canvas for votes from Northerners. The audacity of Obi!

In Sam Omatseye’s satanic article, Obi’s is that, as an Igbo man, he has a large following of Igbo people. Such a man is not only dangerous but unfit to rule Nigeria.

Obi woke up today and lied that he had a dream. In that case a man like that cannot be trusted; the irony of the fear of a man without a political structure coming from people who have spent millions of dollars planting structures all over the country. Like I wrote in an earlier article “who needs edifice, when you have the hearts of the people”?

The Obi phenomenon signifies something deeper and large. The Bola Tinubu campaign does not get it. The Atiku Abubakar campaign does not get it. Mudslinging Obi is like putting water on gasoline fire. Water for those that do not know will make a class B fire worse. Without spending shi shi, Obi’s popularity cannot be stopped by spreading lies about him. Or saying the obvious about politicians. Giving the dog a bad name in order to hang it will not extinguish the idea whose time has come.

His campaign is a symptom of the failure of the Nigerian democracy. It is a cry for a hopeful beacon of the people’s desire for a better democracy. A better country where though tribe and tongue may differ, in brotherhood we can stand as Nigerians.

Forget the Biafra agitation. Forget the Oduduwa agitation. This country has the tremendous ability to regenerate itself. And Nigerians know and want that.

Obi has become the umbrella that all aggrieved Nigerians run to and vent their anger. He has struck a cord with the disgruntled youth of this great nation. He is rattling up the political atmosphere in ways that are making traditional politicians uncomfortable.

Obi is the untapped feeling of the Nigerian discontent. His mass appeal has nothing to do with him as a person. It has everything to do with the fear of the people; the hunger in the land, the insecurity. the failed promises, clueless leadership. So we see a united people. The social conservative. The liberal youth. Social moderate and blue collar Nigerians.

Obi is the first candidate in the history of Nigeria to bring a political message to the doorstep of the downtrodden and forgotten. His genius is to do this without spending shi shi. He is the harbinger of the new ear of direct politics. He understands fully well the power of the social media, the growing obsolescence of a clumsy Nigerian media.

Obi may not win in 2023. But in him the Nigerian people have found a champion and a leader.

Ajasa is a public affairs commentator who punches his way through using satire. You can follow him on https://web.facebook.com/jaiyeola.ajasa

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