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Nwanyanwu to Tinubu: Free Kanu now, end injustice

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Zenith Labour Party Chairman, Chief Dan Nwanyanwu, has urged President Bola Ahmed Tinubu to immediately release Nnamdi Kanu, leader of the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB).

Nwanyanwu made the call during a press briefing in Abuja, citing Kanu’s prolonged detention despite others involved in similar agitations being freed.

He questioned the justification for Kanu’s continued detention, emphasizing his denunciation of violent activities and commitment to peaceful means.

According to him, the federal government’s selective treatment of Kanu’s case is unjustifiable. It’s time to end this injustice and release him unconditionally.

He said, “The federal government’s selective treatment of Kanu’s case is unjustifiable. We need to question why Nnamdi Kanu remains in detention while terrorists roam free and negotiate without government oversight. Many who shared Kanu’s agitation have been freed, yet he remains detained. A significant number of people, including a notable religious leader before his passing, have called for Kanu’s release.

“Kanu’s continued detention raises questions. He was agitating like others but was abducted from Kenya and brought back here. Since his detention, he has denounced all activities that caused insecurity in the southeast. It’s evident that those involved in these activities were not from Kanu’s region. He has committed no offence; his only crime is asking for his people’s freedom.

“We are calling on the President to release Kanu. If not, let’s bring him to a public square and use him for barbecue, symbolically letting his enemies partake to close this chapter. There is no justification for Kanu’s continued detention. It’s an injustice that must be addressed immediately.”

Nwanyanwu also addressed the ongoing political crisis in Rivers State, where lawmakers who defected from their original parties are facing legal challenges.

He urged all parties to respect democratic processes and the rule of law, warning against actions that could lead to a state of emergency.

The Zenith Labour Party chairman commended the efforts of the Labour Minister and the Nigerian Labour Congress (NLC) in negotiating a new national minimum wage.

He called on President Tinubu to consider the welfare of Nigerian workers, who are the most patriotic group in the country.

Nwanyanwu criticized the high cost of governance, proposing a 50% reduction in salaries of elected officials and government appointees.

This, he explained, would free up resources for essential services and demonstrate the government’s commitment to austerity.

He said, “On the national minimum wage, I congratulate the negotiation efforts. The Honourable Minister of State for Labour and the NLC have shown patriotism. The President should consider their request with humility and a good heart. Nigerian workers, apart from the military, are the most patriotic group in this country.

“During President Babangida’s tenure, measures were taken to alleviate workers’ suffering. Similar efforts should be made today to cushion the effects of economic challenges on workers. The government must ensure that workers’ welfare is prioritized in meaningful and practical ways. We must avoid another strike due to delays in decisions on the minimum wage.

“Regarding the cost of governance, I urge President Tinubu to sign an executive order to reduce the salaries of all elected officials and government appointees by 50%. We cannot sustain the current high salaries while expecting economic stability. This reduction will demonstrate the government’s commitment to austerity and free up resources for essential services.”


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