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Osun governorship election: It’s not over until it’s over

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By Kola Olabisi

The long-awaited Osun State governorship election has been held and a temporary victor and loser have emerged as an election is a process, which has its offshoot from the registration of voters up to adjudication in the highest court of law as expressly laid down by the legally recognised guiding documents for the administration of the nation.

The election would not be the first and the last in the history of this nation and it’s not a novelty for a dissatisfied party to approach the tribunal for redress in the interest of justice, which must evidently be seen to be served without minding whose ox is gored.

Of particular notice was the frenzy that greeted the announcement of the election result where the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) pronounced the candidate of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), Senator Jackson Ademola Adeleke, the winner over the incumbent Governor Gboyega Oyetola who had the ticket of the All Progressives Congress (APC).

The election frenzy was an eye opener that portends a great danger to the people of the state in particular, and the entire nation at large.  It was an indication that the nation has lost its expected values as some least expected individuals were trying fervently to outdo one another by the way of negative comments and remarks to stigmatise the talk-and-act Governor Oyetola in order for them to be partakers of the pyrrhic political victory in the state.

In any election, there must be a loser and a winner.  It is within the constitutional right of whoever is tagged the loser to approach the competent court of law.  What is bizarre has been the cacophony of displeased noises from the PDP handlers and their supporters that it was sportsmanlike for Oyetola to approach the court over the outcome of the election.

To me, the posture of the APC governorship candidate characterises and categorises him and his party as civilised human species and corporate beings who do not resort to self-help to solve knotty socio-political issues. Those who are opposed to Oyetola’s approach of the court of law over the election need to have their heads examined as it’s the amount of information at one’s disposal that makes one to walk tall over any issue.

If the Adeleke group has nothing to hide, there should not be any reason under the sun why it should be jittery over the mention of the court; after all it’s not Oyetola who will sit in judgment on the litigated issues in the court of law. Any attempt to discourage Oyetola from making the governorship election results a litigation issue can be likened to philosophically bulling a wrongly beaten child not to cry. There is more to it than meets the eyes.

By approaching the court, Oyetola and his party would be helping the nation’s judiciary as the outcome of the election petition tribunal would automatically become a precedent and a case study in future. It will not be beneficial to mankind to talk down on Oyetola over his resolve to approach the tribunal. It is only a victor who is not sure of his victory who caves in at the mention of a litigation by his opponent.

There is supposed to be decency in everything. It is quite possible for an alert and a meticulously set of eyes to sight the nostril. All what is kept away from human beings are glaring before God Almighty.  It’s the same philosophical herbalist who makes juju for both the cockroach and the fowl. It’s a whirlwind that exposes the proverbial anus of a fowl. Experience has shown that it’s only a thief that is only trying to be clever by half who steals dirty!  It’s revealing and suspicious for a thief to steal more than he can chew.

Laws are created for the smooth-running of the society. It is the absolute respect for the rule of laws that have been setting the people of the Western world aside from those of the Third world.  It’s time we left our state of inertia in all endeavours.

Approaching the courts for adjudication of knotty issues doesn’t make two parties sworn enemies.  In my homestead, my wife can sue me while I also have the latitude to sue her. The same goes to the children and vice versa. That’s the only way the society can develop. It’s anyone those who are still speaking against the decision of the highest court of the land, the Supreme Court, as the Osun PDP is fond of saying over the 2018 governorship election, that could be said not to have confidence in the court of law.

It is pertinent to impress it on those criticising Oyetola from approaching the tribunal that the court does not dwell on emotions but facts.  If it is the will of God that Senator Adeleke is only fulfilling his destiny of merely becoming “the Governor-elect” in consonance with the dictate of the destiny that does not take  a back seat, the heavens will not fall because of such development.

No leaf falls off a tree without the knowledge of God Almighty. No Jupiter can be a clog to the second term ambition of Governor Oyetola if it is so destined by God as it is showcased in his campaign organisation’s sobriquet, ‘God’s Promise’.  All the prevailing distractions and obstructions are mere divine necessities for its value.

It is however, necessary to tell the PDP handlers in the state that the introduction of violence that has been characterising the temporary victory of the party across the state is not necessary. It is primitive, wicked, insensitive and inhuman and not expected from a rational and right-thinking group of people in the name of playing a dirty politics.

What should have prompted the destruction of Governor Oyetola’s billboards, smashing of cars, and harassment of members of the APC and their supporters by the suspected PDP thugs to herald the litigable victory of their governorship candidate? What could have caused the attack on the house of Governor Oyetola’s Commissioner for Lands in Ijesaland immediately after the announcement of the results of the governorship election?

Information has revealed that there has been an upsurge in the incident of handphone and handy personal effect  snatching across the state since the announcement of the  results of the governorship election. Should these avoidable anti-social misdemeanors and crimes accompany what, in developed climes, should be without hassles?

The masterminds, sponsors and foot soldiers of the violent acts across the state should take note that there cannot be two governors in a state. Aside the fact that he will be challenging the validity of the election results in the court of law, Governor Oyetola is not only in charge, he is in absolute control of the territorial area making up the state. By virtue of this, the constitution attests to the Oyetola authority in ink as opposed to that of the one in mere eracable pencil!

The statutory law enforcement agencies should be alive to their constitutional duties in order not to turn Osun State into a Banana Republic by a bunch of political opportunists who are desperately looking for dubious ways to become a four-year tenant in the Bola Ige House, Abere, Osun State.

Half a word is enough for the wise.

Olabisi is the Media Adviser to the Osun State APC Chairman

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